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Club Utopia

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Jolanta,Let's imagine a ptiucre: a Jewish house's burning. Its Jewish dwellers are sentenced to death: killed already or soon. The best case scenario is: let the flames devour everything: you can't blame fire for taking property. The second best scenario, the legal one, is to let Germans take what they want. The worst scenario is for any Polish bystanders to take their Jewish [soon-to-be] dead neighbours' property. Is this your way of grading justice, Jolanta?Well.There was the first system [that deprived all of their property], then there was the other system [that said everything should be communistically shared] and you would expect what mortgage registers? I wonder what mortgage records for any annihilated cities should look like. Where to look for property lists of all the plundered museums? Especially, when cities and museums ceased to be Polish because some superpowerful map- and decision-makers ordered so? The war came in with German laws (e.g. Jews are supposed to have nothing, lives included). It went away, ushering Soviet laws (e.g. Jews of the regime can have whatever they want). But the ordinary folk had neither law on their side nor property to return to: what hadn't been destroyed by the Nazis, was appropriated by Soviets.In times like those laws-as-we-would-like-to-have do not exist. They just are not enforceable.Can you recall the opening scenes of Sami swoi : the settlers coming to and taking houses they liked to be their own? Can you recall ? Or maybe you can think of Jews of the coming to Poland, snatching whatever they wanted?The way I see it, Poland [as the collective of all its inhabitans, irrespective of their nationalities] would have to have Germany pay money to rebuild all annihilated Warsaws. At the same time Poland would have to have Russia return what's stolen and yet pay for the destroyed property. Separate accounts would have to be settled for lost lives (yes, there are ways to find prices for intellectual property, brain potential, lost opportunities). Then accounts for rapes, moral suffering. Then penalties for taking away 5 years (Germany) and 55 years (Soviets) of history, during which Poland should have lived and prospered, and godspeed. Only then, the nation-scale accounting done, one could look into cases of thefts by individual Poles, Jews, Ukrainians, whoever.But since it's [politically] impossible to get anything from Germany (yes, they paid, but pathetically little) and it's equally impossible to successfully claim anything from Russia, the powerful states that won't be disturbed there is Poland, a weak country, and various birds of prey can take a weak target for their hunt. So yeah, you go on talking (rightly!) about Jewish candleholders or clocks. While I'll be talking (rightly!) about Warsaws and NKVD's.My say is: until the greater scale is balanced, it is wrong to move on to any individual accounts.Your say is: since the greater scale can't be balanced, let's return the clocks and candleholders at least.PS And note those of 1968 emigrants who were Soviet-system officers should be made pay for their wrongdoings. To which Michael replies above: no way, they were / are not criminals, in fact, it is they that should received damages from Poland .

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